Solving Mirror Cube Algorithms

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Solving Mirror Cube Algorithms. But it has all the parts of the same color, but of different sizes. Let's learn how to solve the Mirror Blocks cube.

Types of Cubes - Rubik's Cube Club
Types of Cubes – Rubik's Cube Club (Jeff Colon)

Right out of the box the puzzle was a bit stiff, but after a day of playing with it and a few solves later, the turning is up to par. Well, I cannot solve this thing for the life of me. Solution for solving the Rubik's Cube step by step illustrated method.

In this tutorial we will teach you have to solve a Fisher Cube.

When you rotate it, the puzzle takes a chaotic form and loses its cubic form, making the solving process more complicated.

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Solution for solving the Rubik's Cube step by step illustrated method. How to solve the Rubik's Cube? A List of Rubik's Cube Algorithms for When You Get Stuck.

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