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Hanging Oil Drip Lamp. Locate the holes in the bottom. This little beauty has a metal reflector that bounces light downward where it is needed most.

90 best rain lamps images on Pinterest | Oil lamps, Rain ...
90 best rain lamps images on Pinterest | Oil lamps, Rain … (Alice Ramos)

A polished brass lamp with a well-cleaned lamp chimney can create quality light, although not as steady or reliable an illumination and an electric lamp. More than that, it is beautiful. This article will show you a few ways.

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These long cotton wicks are not suitable for vegetable oil lamps.

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You can customize them easily using fragrant oils and fun additions, such as pine sprigs. Puja Items, Meditation Accessories » Puja Articles » Brass diya, Samai oil lamps. Locate the holes in the bottom.

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