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Examples Of Concave Mirrors. A concave mirror is a spherical mirror, which has a reflecting surface, dented inwards. People do not understand the use of a CM.

What are some examples of convex mirrors? + Example
What are some examples of convex mirrors? + Example (Thomas Clarke)

Explore more about Concave Mirror Ray Diagram, Convex Mirror Ray Diagram and much more at BYJU'S. A mirror is a surface that reflects a clear image. Uses of concave mirror The concave mirror is a converging mirror , so that it is used for many purposes , It is used as a torch to reflect the light , It is.

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Let's look at an example using the three rules covered above for concave mirrors.

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A type of spherical mirror because they have a shape that can be created by slicing off a section of a sphere, and thus a mirror who's reflecting surface. What does a concave mirror look like? For these mirrors, we have some important terms like.

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